Welcome to CCC

Christ Community Church has a rich history. Founded in 1952, CCC has been a part of the Cambrian Park community in San Jose for over half a century. Our calling as a church is simple: to function as a living testimony in our community to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God has graciously sustained us through the years and continues to bless the work of the gospel that goes forth from our church.   

What We Believe

We acknowledge the absolute supremacy and authority of the inerrant Holy Bible as the very Word of God and thus the only creed and rule of both faith and practice. We are a reformed Southern Baptist church and we hold to The New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith, 1853, as the historic expression of our faith. Our Statement of Faith summarizes essential Christian beliefs, shows unity in Christ, and guards the church from error. 

Read our Statement of Faith here.

Covenant Membership

Covenant membership is a means to define who the local church is and how we are expected to live. Our covenant is a solemn promise to God and one another that we will strive to live out the fundamental tenets of Christian life. Scripture teaches of our responsibility to honor the purity of Christ’s bride and guard the church from heresy. Covenant membership is a wonderful promise that those within our body will be loved, cared for, and built up in Christ through all of life’s circumstances. 

Read our Church Covenant here.

Established in 1952

Christ Community Church began as a church plant in January of 1952 with 13 members. Under their original name, Cambrian Park Baptist Church, the congregation met in one of the member's homes right off Camden Avenue. In January of 1954, the church purchased the property at our present location. By God's grace, the saints have been gathering faithfully every Sunday for 70 years. We praise God for His faithfulness in founding and sustaining our church and joyfully remain as a gospel witness in the Cambrian Park Community and the greater Bay Area.